Top 10 Secret Santa gifts on a budget

Are you still unsure what gift to give your Secret Santa buddy? In this list, you'll find the top 10 Secret Santa gifts under €15.

1. DIY gifts

Inexpensive, special, and creative—what more could you want? Think of a twisted candle you can make at home with warm water, a homemade Christmas decoration for the table, or a cute Christmas mug with your own design. You can get as creative as you want. One thing is for sure, a homemade gift will always be appreciated by your loved ones.

2. Candle

Candles are a must during the Christmas season. You'll find many special scents in stores during this time. You can opt for a warm and wintery scent like speculaas or apple cinnamon. But you can also go for a safer choice with a vanilla scent. Candles as a Christmas gift are not only delightful because of their scent but also due to their special packaging.

3. Warm socks

Always handy for cold winters. Socks are among the most enjoyable gifts you can give for Christmas. Whether you choose bright colors and Christmas drawings or a simple color, you can never go wrong with this gift.

4. Christmas mug

A hot chocolate or tea tastes even better in a cute Christmas mug. During the Christmas season, you'll find plenty of fun and original Christmas mugs on many websites. Can't find anything that suits your buddy? Then make one yourself using porcelain markers!

5. Skincare products

A hand cream for dry hands or a rich facial cream will surely be appreciated in dry winters. Opt for a winter scent if you choose a hand cream.

6. Christmas ornaments

What does your buddy like? Do they have a particular hobby or interest? It's nice to give them a Christmas ornament related to that. Is it too specific? Maybe you could even make it yourself!

7. Planner

After Christmas comes New Year, and what does everyone need when the new year begins? A planner to keep track of all your resolutions (and actually stick to them ;))!

8. Water bottle

Speaking of resolutions, a water bottle is always handy if your buddy plans to start the new year by getting a fitness subscription. Or if they simply like to stay hydrated in winter.

9. Board game

Nothing is cozier than playing a board game together on Christmas Eve. Or perhaps you can even create your own game?

10. Warm blanket

Always nice for everyone because you can never have too many blankets!

Gift wrapped in reindeer and Santa Claus wrapping paper, with a label 'Secret Santa' on it.